First and foremost, welcome to the all new website. It has been my pleasure over the past three and a half years to watch the community of users grow to over 125,000 visitors from 160 countries/territories.

I would like to thank everyone that has sent in feedback and feature requests, keep them coming. I have been building a list of the feature requests and feedback and over the last 2 months I been building this new version of the website. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Fresh new HUD layout thanks to jotapajaro
  • Single integrated larger map
  • Larger ISS icon (so you can actually see it)
  • View the Earth's horizon as it pertains to the ISS's current altitude
  • Option to view Altitude and Velocity in the Metric system

Sadly I have lost one of my favorite features with this update, Daylight Maps. I really wish I could have kept it, but the mapping technology used by Daylight Maps was not compatible with the latest version of Google Maps. If I find a suitable replacement that works with Google Maps V3 then I promise I will add it back.

This version of the website will not be like the last where it remains untouched for 3 years. I have several new features in the works that will be coming within the next month or so. To learn more about them you should check out the "Extras" section of the website.

The advertisements are here to stay, unless some company or organization decides to sponsor the website. It's a fact of life that without them I could not afford to take the time needed to maintain and improve the website.