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New Europe Server

Posted on by Mike LP

After seeing some heavy spikes over the last year I've decided that it's time to turn on a new server located in Europe. There is a lot of technical stuff that went into this, but the end result will hopefully be a quicker response from the server for everyone.

My load balances should automatically send you to this new server if you're in a European country , but our followers around that neck of the woods should feel free to update your bookmarks to

What is the "Was that the ISS?" Page

Posted on by Michael Lodge-Paolini

I know I've mentioned that this feature was coming for about a year now, but I've finally been able to test it and make sure that it lives up to the reputation I've worked so hard to create for ISSTracker.

I find people usually only have an approximate time they think they might have seen the ISS, so for those who may like to know, the flight path is set to start showing where the ISS was 31 minutes in the past and just about 1 full orbit (91 minutes) in the future, relative to the time you

ISSTracker used for SpaceLab broadcast

Posted on by Michael Lodge-Paolini

Yesterday on the largest live broadcast from the international space station. ISSTracker was used by Bill Nye (The Science Guy) during the broadcast

To view the Space Lab project go here

Our just watch the video here

ISSTracker on facebook

Posted on by Michael Lodge-Paolini

Hi Everyone,

I Just wanted to let everyone know that there is now a Facebook page for this website.

Please Check it out, like it and spread the word to your friends. I want to try and get some more interaction with the fans of ISSTracker and I think the Facebook page will be a great place to start.


NASA news feed is fixed

Posted on by Michael Lodge-Paolini

I noticed today that the NASA news feed was not working. I took a look at the code and was able to fix it. If anyone notices that something is not working can you please send me a message so that I can fix it. Sometimes even the obviously not working things can slip through the cracks.