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HUD Design: International Space Station (ISS) Tracker

Posted on by Julie-Ann Burkhart

I worked with Mike Lodge-Paolini on the ISS Tracker Heads Up Design (HUD) design.

Here is the Before and After design of the ISS tracker:



I tried to make the design a little more intuitive and easier to read. The before design was bottom heavy with a lot of information. I wanted the information to be more integrated into the map. Also, the ISS icon was too small so I implemented a new icon and outline to show the position.

This was a different type of design for me, but I

The all new ISS Tracker

Posted on by Michael Lodge-Paolini

First and foremost, welcome to the all new website. It has been my pleasure over the past three and a half years to watch the community of users grow to over 125,000 visitors from 160 countries/territories.

I would like to thank everyone that has sent in feedback and feature requests, keep them coming. I have been building a list of the feature requests and feedback and over the last 2 months I been building this new version of the website. Here are some of the